Groton’s dance program rests upon three main elements—technique, choreography, and performance.
Dance students explore each in detail, though the specific learning experience is tailored to the student’s individual strengths, building upon them so each dancer becomes more accomplished and is continually challenged.

There are exciting opportunities to learn choreography, too. In fact, recital pieces often include student-choreographed works. Dream away—conceive a piece for a specific site on campus, or build a dance for the traditional stage. You’ll not only learn to choreograph, you’ll learn to lead as you direct others to interpret your work. Collaborate, brainstorm, innovate. With your friends and fellow dancers, you can explore the language of movement.

Groton’s daily technique class incorporates various movement vocabularies, such as ballet, modern dance, jazz, and hip-hop. Performance opportunities include fall and spring dance concerts and participation in the annual musical.

Visiting Dancers

From time to time, Groton students have the chance to learn from professionals. Visiting dancers perform and offer master classes. In recent years, dancers from the Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company have spent several days at Groton, teaching participants in the afternoon dance program, performers in the winter musical, and members of athletic teams. The dancers also visited classes, such as AP Music Theory, where they discussed phrasing in music and dance.

One student—an experienced and accomplished ballerina—described the master class with professionals: “During one workshop, we began by rolling down to touch our toes, plié, and stand up again. Then, slowly but surely, the instructors added little complexities: a twist in the spine, a swing of the arm, a drop of the pelvis. The pattern of motions was structured, but in a very natural way.” Most impressive to this young dancer was the atmosphere in the dance studio. The energy, she said, “was infectious.”