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    Student-Directed Plays
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  • Musicals
  • Dramas
  • Comedies
  • Shakespeare
  • Student-written plays
  • Student-directed plays
  • 1:1 tutorials with professionals
Groton’s theater program is full of variety and opportunity. You’ll have the chance to experiment with a wide range of theatrical styles and techniques—and to perform in anything from traditional Shakespeare to popular musicals and contemporary dramas. Groton’s theater program provides a unique creative outlet and a warm, nurturing environment.


Music surrounds the Groton campus. Walk down a Schoolhouse hallway and you might hear the jazz ensemble warming up, strains of classical music from the orchestra, or electronic beats from the music technology lab. Step into the Chapel midday and catch a Choir rehearsal. From singing together during morning chapel to jamming at student-run open mic nights, Groton comes with a soundtrack.

The school-day schedule makes time for music, so everyone—even the most committed athlete and club leader—need not make tough choices. Groton students can play in the orchestra or any ensemble while still competing in sports and participating in clubs and drama.

Groton offers several musical ensembles:
  • Groton School Choir
  • Soul Sauce, Groton’s jazz ensemble (traditional and contemporary)
  • Groton School Chamber Orchestra
  • The Second Form Steel Drum Ensemble
  • String quartets, string trios, baroque ensembles, and piano trios
  • Guitar ensemble
  • Piano ensemble (four-hand piano duos)
  • Brass ensemble
  • Jazz combos
  • Saxophone quartet

Visual Arts

Put aside the rules and barriers. Let your mind wander all over the paper, the canvas, the film, the potter’s wheel. Unbridled curiosity can unleash surprising ideas.

Groton students discover that they are visual artists in introductory workshops; in painting, drawing, and ceramics classes; in the wood shop; in the video lab; and in the darkroom. The Dillon Art Center’s airy, light-filled studios nurture creativity for both the novice and the accomplished.


We recognize the beauty and liberating potential of expression through movement. Why not try Groton dance for your afternoon activity? Whether you’ve danced for years or never had a formal class, you’ll find your feet—and a new creative language—in our dance studio.


Groton understands the power of art, whether for expression, inspiration, escapism, or pure pleasure. Two galleries stand ready throughout the year, each with a new exhibit for each of our three terms. That means students—and the wider community—have the opportunity to wander through an art exhibit at almost any time. Visit the artistic treasures on display in the de Menil Gallery and the Christopher Carey Brodigan Gallery.